* In 2017, I will be offering some awesome WORKSHOPS to support the whole journey of pregnancy: 


* Yoga for Birth

* Prenatal to Postpartum: Tending your Body, Heart and Mind with Yoga

* Yoga for Fertility

* Chakras of Pregnancy

* Commonplace and Holy: A Prenatal Restorative Journey


* Yoga circles are ongoing in Greendale, and Tosa. Purchase a class pack and circle up!   

* Are you a woman in need of restoration and connection? This month, join the SisterMoms Yoga Circle (for moms), or Moon Tribe Yoga Circle (for girls 10-17) at Authentic Birth Center in Tosa. Or, join an online conversation at www.stayatommom.blogspot.com.

* PREGNANT MOMMAS! Please join us for the ongoing Prenatal Yoga Circle at Authentic, 5:30-6:45pm on Wednesdays.


Yoga has been calling, isn’t it time you answered? Do you believe you need to be flexible to do yoga? Not true! You are ready right now. Come enjoy all the gifts of yoga, modifcations are offered for all levels of experience. Feel your glorious body. Dwell in your magnificent heart energy. Make yourself at home in this kind community of gentle souls. You deserve it! See all the juicy possibilities below...* Join an ongoing conversation about life, yoga, and the chakras here.

* Shop the marketplace for yoga gifts, and supplies.

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Namaste and see you in the circle!