The Restoratives are coming!!


The word anahata represents the eternal hum of the heart center. The vision of The Anahata Project is to bring people into a natural state of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance centered in the heart.

"It must not be just your mind or even your body that is doing the asana (yoga posture). You must be in it. You must do asana with your soul. How can you do asana with your soul? We can only do it with the organ of the body that is the closest to the soul -- the heart." -- B.K.S. Iyengar



* Yoga circles are ongoing in Greendale, and Tosa: please join us!

* Next month: the Restoratives are coming!

* There are two possibilities for Prenatal Yoga coming up, followed by teh creation of an ongoing Prenatal Yoga Circle in January!

* Are you a woman in need of restoration and connection? Join the Intentional Moms Yoga Circle (for moms), or Moon Tribe Yoga Circle (for girls 10-17) in November at Authentic Birth Center in Tosa!  Or, join an online conversation at

* Join an ongoing conversation about life, yoga, and the chakras here.

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Namaste and see you in the circle!